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20th Dec 2017

The latest superstar getting a Las Vegas residency is not who you’d expect

This will be one hell of a show.

We weren’t expecting this.

A Las Vegas residency is reserved for those musicians who’ve earned themselves legendary status.

Yes, everyone from Céline Dion to Britney have performed on the famous ‘strip’, and now there’s a new girl in town.

The rumors are true!!!!!?

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It was announced last night that Lady Gaga would be getting her own residency at MGM’s Park Theatre.

Yes, the singer is due to begin a 2-year residency in December of next year and says this is yet another dream that’s been fulfilled.

“It’s been a life-long dream of mine to play Las Vegas,” the singer said in a statement where she promised her show would be “unlike anything Vegas has ever seen before.”

The Park Theatre is filled with 5,300 seats, with every one promising an “up close and personal” experience.

However, fans will have to wait to hear more about ticketing information.

I’m gonna be a Las Vegas girl!! ?

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While details of the show itself have obviously yet to be decided upon, Gaga is promising fans one thing – one hell of a performance.

“I’ll leave my heart on the stage every single night.”

If her Super Bowl performance is anything to go by, we’re sure she will.