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17th Jun 2019

Lads, Penneys will soon sell €8 costumes for your dog and they’re PRECIOUS

Can you cope?

I’m deceased.

The love I feel for my four-legged friends is intense.

The love I feel for them dressed as these cute little hotdogs – BEYOND.

Penneys is set to drop a range of dog costumes that are honestly the talk of the office today and rightly so, they’re so cute you can’t help but swoon.

For just €8 you can transform your dog into a bumblebee, a unicorn, a hotdog or an angel. They’re honestly so adorable I could vomit.

Who said you need to wait until October 31 to rock some fancy dress, we’re going to have ever pet on the road dressed out in this swagger. Little bumblebees and hotdogs passing eachother on the street, I can see it already.

And lastly, you can make your dog a Victoria’s Secret angel in this attire featuring blue wings, a wing collar, and a swanky matching led – you’re sure to set tounges wagging.


Now for the nitty-gritty, besides the fact that these dotey costumes exist and cost €8, we’re not sure as to when they’ll be dropping in store.

The good news is…. we know they’re set to hit Irish stores in some capacity and we’ve reached out to Penneys for all the specific details.

Once we know, we’ll be sure to announce all.