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02nd May 2017

Jaden Smith had a very gross accessory at the Met Gala

Laura Holland

This is so wrong.

Jaden Smith walked the red carpet of the Met Gala in New York City yesterday and decided to bring something very weird along with him.

We’ve seen our fair share of unusual outfits at previous Met Galas but this one is the strangest and grossest.

Jaden carried his dreadlocks as an accessory. Yes, that’s right, a huge chunk of his hair.

A few weeks back Jaden shaved off his hair in preparation for a new movie role. His dad Will shared a photo of the haircut after it had just happened.

Jaden clearly wasn’t ready to give it up the dreadlocks entirely and now, almost a month later, he brought it along with him to the Met Gala.

Excuse us while we get sick.