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03rd Aug 2015

“I Carried A Watermelon” – 14 Life Lessons We Learned From Dirty Dancing

Happy national watermelon day!

It’s National Watermelon Day today and the one film we think marks the occasion the best is of course Dirty Dancing.

From amazing one-liners to incredible dance moves, Dirty Dancing certainly taught us a lot growing up.

Here are just some of our favourite life lessons we learned…


Always carry the watermelon

The main lesson we learned from Dirty Dancing was to always, and we mean always carry the watermelon. Imagine how different the movie would have been if Baby hadn’t done so. Carrying the watermelon was like opening the door to Narnia into a secret world full of endless possibilities.


Never, ever let yourself be put in the corner…

Unless of course you want a hot guy to come along and rescue you out of the corner in front of your stunned family. Now, we like the sound of that… *sneaks into corner of pub and waits expectantly*


Put away the straighteners…

Curly is the way to go ladies if you want to win your loved one’s affection. Baby was rocking those curls from beginning to end – aside from that random up-do where she looked nothing like herself at all, at all.

And on top of all that, be honest. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you feel.


There’s always a baddie

No matter how rosy everything is, there’s always going to be a baddie and Robbie met this criteria from the get go. Need we say more?


Never try the famous lift

It was the epitome of romance, the moment that went down in movie history, and when Johnny lifted Baby so effortlessly out of the water we thought ‘Hey, we’re well able to do that too’.

It turns out that no, no we’re not. You have been warned.

dirty dancing

We’re not the only one with tickles…

We all remember that scene with Baby and Johnny getting ready for their big show and Baby just can’t contain her giggles. Guess it’s not just us who are ticklish then eh?

dirty dancing gif

Oh lover boy…

Crawling around the floor and lip-synching is another way to win your man’s affection. Demonstrated in style by Baby in that famous studio scene.

The sexiest song ever…

Has to be Cry to Me. We all know that scene. No further words necessary.

Keep your distance

Don’t ever invade each other’s dance space. Hold your frame and stand up straight… Unless you’re dancing with Johnny of course. Can you blame her?!


Dance like nobody’s watching

Hit the bridge (or just the floor of your bedroom) like Baby to work out your dance moves for a Saturday night.


The rhythm of life is a powerful beat

We learned our first bit of rhythm courtesy of Johnny. Who knew that the beat of a song matched our hearts so much?


Stand up for yourself

As Baby said to Johnny ahead of the show: “We’re supposed to do the show in two days, you won’t show me the lifts, I’m not sure of the turns, I’m doing all of this to save your ass, when what I really want to do is drop you on it!”

Girl power. Well said Baby, well said.


Wait to judge until you know all the facts

Baby’s father was sure it was Johnny who had got Penny “into trouble” and was quick to write him off. He learned his lesson much, much later.

Remember peeps, don’t judge a book by its cover.

dad gif

Sisters are pretty awesome

Despite their ups and downs, Baby and Lisa come back together towards the end of the movie. All sibling rivalry aside, they’re there for each other when it matters most.