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15th Jan 2016

How Hollywood Is Using A Monitor To Manipulate Our Emotions

It's like they're INSIDE our brains

Manipulation is kind of Hollywood’s main aim. Films are designed to make us laugh, cry, or jump out of our seats, popcorn and Maltesers flying in every direction.

Directors use emotive music, different shot styles and tension-building scripts to get your undivided attention.

One film is taking this emotional manipulation thing to an entirely new level. The Daily Dot reports the studio behind The Revenant (20th Century Fox) collaborated with a software company Lightwave to track the emotions of people watching the Leonardo DiCaprio helmed film.

The film is a survival movie where poor aul Leo is abandoned by his group in a forest after being attacked by a bear.

The audience were given monitors that tracked their movements and heartbeats.

The monitors measures your heart rate at a much more detailed level than your average fitness tracker, and they also measure skin conductivity which can indicate when someone feels tense, or surprise.

Take a look at their findings below, and just think about how directors of romcoms will use this to make us emotionally invested in some very dull characters, or how much more terrifying horror films will be now.


Source: The Daily Dot

Lead Image via YouTube