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08th Jan 2018

Home and Away favourite reveals she’s battling cancer

'I did truly believe that my luck had finally run out.'

One of our all-time favourite soap stars has opened up about her cancer battle.

Cornelia Frances, who plays recurring character Morag on Home and Away, revealed this weekend that she has been fighting cancer for the past 12 months.

“I discovered I had bladder cancer,” the actress, 76, told the Daily Telegraph.

Home and Away favourite reveals she's battling cancer

“This then spread to my hip bone which fractured and then I almost died from loss of blood due to an ulcer in my throat.

“Despite all this, I am still here, as the old song goes.”

A second ulcer also put her her life in danger.

“When I got the ulcer in my throat, I did truly believe that this time my luck had finally run out.

“I was a total mess according to my surgeon.

“He told me he didn’t believe they could get me back from the brink but somehow they did.”

Home and Away favourite reveals she's battling cancer

She’s not yet in remission but says she’ll continue her fight and is hoping to eventually return to Home and Away.

“I would dearly love to go back to Summer Bay but haven’t heard anything as yet.”

Cornelia has played Morag on and off since 1988, but that’s not her only well-known role Down Under.

Born in Liverpool, she emigrated to Australia and appeared in soaps including The Young Doctors and Sons and Daughters, as well as hosting the Australian version of The Weakest Link.