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11th Nov 2021

Holly and Phil forced to apologise after caller’s awkward gaffe

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Holly and Phillip

Oh, Linda.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have had to make a big apology on This Morning after a contestant let out a few swear words on a phone call with them.

Calling the contestant to play the Spin to Win competition, they completely forgot it was live television and decided to get a little bit too comfortable with the TV presenters.

Bagging £3,000 on the spinning wheel, Phil and Holly couldn’t contain their laughter when the caller referred to the good bag as a “bag of [expletive].”

Phil immediate apologised said sorry to the public and told Linda, the caller, to use the world “shizzle” instead of her choice of language, saying: “No! Shizzle, Linda! Sorry!”

And very on brand, the pair burst out laughing before Holly added: “We were all thinking it Linda.”

As the Spin to Win bag came down from the ceiling, Linda then said the bad word again for a second time, which the presenters had to correct her on once more and pleaded with her not to swear again.

At this point, the pair of them had lost it completely and couldn’t stop laughing, and quickly moved on to asking the final question and ending the phone call.

When it ended, Phil said: “No one’s ever been quite so honest,” while Holly again apologised to viewers at home.

After winning the game, Linda was in disbelief and said: “My family are going to think I’m crackers, they won’t believe me! You’ve really made my day.”

Linda also insisted on donating £100 to emergency services after making the hilarious blunders.

Fans of the morning show quickly took to Twitter to praise the outspoken contestant. One person wrote: “OMG!!!!! Absolutely crying at This Morning love Linda. @Schofe @hollywills, That was the BEST spin to win EVER!!”

Another person added: “Give Linda a knighthood, what an icon calling it the bag of [expletive].” A third person wrote: “Best caller ever! We need to get #BagOf [expletive] trending.”