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29th Apr 2020

Why you should be listening to Fake Doctors, Real Friends

Jade Hayden

The perfect quarantine content.

A few weeks back, Zach Braff and Donald Faison launched their podcast, Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

An actual real-life Scrubs rewatch podcast, the series takes fans, friends, and folk who are in desperate need of a distraction on a whirlwind trip through everybody’s favourite medical comedy-drama, Scrubs.

If you are unfamiliar with Scrubs, Braff, and Faison, please do yourself a solid and go back and watch every single episode.

Except for the ones in season nine. And maybe season eight.

Detailing the work, lives, and daydreams of a group of staff working at a fictional hospital, Scrubs gave us laughs, it gave us tears, and – maybe most importantly – it gave us young Zach Braff.

The series ended almost a decade ago and although its cast have gone on to star in an array of other series and movies, they will forever be known best for their roles at Sacred Heart.

Braff and Faison appear to be fully aware of this fact. And they seem okay with it too. So okay, in fact, that they decided to launch a podcast all about their experiences auditioning, shooting, and starring in the show during its run.

Featuring special guests, exclusive tidbits of information, and explanations of inside jokes that may have passed audiences by the first time, Fake Doctors, Real Friends is an homage to one of best sitcoms in recent TV history.

A reminder why the show touched so many people – and how it became as popular as it did – the podcast is a must-listen for even the vaguest of Scrubs fans among us.

Sure, where else would you learn that Donald Faison had braces in Clueless because his teeth were so small? Or that Zach Braff got blind drunk while waiting tables after learning he’d gotten the part of JD?

It’s great. It’s an easy listen. It’s content that isn’t Covid-19 related.

Get on it.

You can listen to Fake Doctors, Real Friends here:

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