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13th Jan 2021

GTA 6 rumoured to feature first female protagonist ever

Huge if true.

Since the first Grand Theft Auto game was released in the late nineties they’ve become one of the most sought after games every year.

With GTA 6 soon to be unveiled rumours have been spreading that the game could be switching it up and creating its first ever playable female character.

Yes, for the first time ever players of the game might be able to choose if they want to play as a male protagonist or a female protagonist.

While typically female characters have only been side characters or just people walking down the street, it is now believed that we could see a fully fledged character in the next instalment of the popular gaming series.

Tom Henderson, CEO and owner of social media agency Viral Junkie, recently tweeted that the next Grand Theft Auto entry will feature two main protagonists – one male and the other female.


Many fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise are excited by the news which will mark a new turning stone for the games.

Others are skeptical of the rumours and are still waiting until the release or an official statement is made before they get their hopes up.

I don’t know why it hasn’t always been an option as most of the video game players I know, male and female, would often opt for the female characters in games like Streets of Rage and Tekken. There has always been a demand for it.

Either way, the game is still sure to be a sell out once again when it finally is released. When that will be, we can’t say for sure, but hopefully gamers will get a taste of it soon.