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23rd May 2016

Gillian Anderson is the new internet favourite to play James Bond

"It's Bond. Jane Bond. "

James Bond is going to undergo some… changes in the next few years.

Despite the best efforts of the Broccolli’s (the family film production company that owns James Bond), and the rumoured £100 million deal offered to Daniel Craig, it is looking very likely that the 25th Bond film will have a brand new actor playing 007.

Tom Hiddlestone is the bookies favourite, while Tom Hardy has said he’d fancy a piece of Bond, Ewan McGregor wants a go too. Then there are all the Idris Elba rumours and whether or not we should have a black James Bond taking the role (something that Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan have supported.

The next James Bond needs to be someone cool, someone with great acting chops and someone who takes no prisoners.

So why not cast Gillian Anderson in the role as Jane Bond?

Social media users have been using the hashtag #NextBond as of late to chime in with their thoughts as to who should be the next 007, and this weekend X-Files actor Gillian Anderson was named as the new internet favourite.

In response to the public’s vote of goodwill, Gillian tweeting out a fan-made poster that imagines the possibility of Jane Bond.

Best known for her role as Dana Scully in The X-Files, Gillian certainly has enough charm and charisma to pull off the role. Anyone who’s seen her as Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier in Hannibal will know she’s got a gift for the dark arts and her starring role in The Fall shows she can certainly handle herself around some dangerous foes.

Casting her would definitely give a new spin on the world of 007, that’s for sure and Daniel Craig has already said he’d be on board with a “Jasmine Bond”. However, the 25th Bond film is yet to have a name or filming date announced we may have to wait a while to see what comes to pass.

Just don’t expect the rumours surrounding #NextBond to go away any time soon. We’re excited to see just who gets the nod.