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01st Jul 2018

Geordie Shore have just revealed their brand new star

The 18-year-old has already started filming.

Orlaith Condon

The 18-year-old has already started filming.

When we see a Geordie Shore headline these days, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ve finally made the decision to pull the plug on a show that died over five seasons ago.

Yes, G Shore isn’t the same show it used to be, and no number of new faces is going to bring back the entertainment value of the first few seasons.

But that’s not going to stop MTV producers as it’s just been reported that a brand new cast member has joined the show for its 17th season.

A post shared by Faith Mullen (@faithsinead) on

Pictures of 18-year-old Faith Mullen out for her first night of filming with the Geordie crew have emerged today.

Yes, the group were out filing in Newcastle this weekend ahead of the next season of the show.

Faith was spotted with current cast members Chloe Ferry, Nathan Henry and Abbie Holborn as they enjoyed a night in front of the cameras.

A post shared by Faith Mullen (@faithsinead) on

Also seen on the night were Sophie Kasaei, Sam Gowland and Adam Guthrie.

Faith will join the cast for the next season of the show which airs later this year which will also see Scotty T making a comeback but this time as Anna’s sidekick.

“Scotty will be in charge of the Geordie’s activities and will be setting the challenges they do.

“He’s telling everyone he’s going out to make them all mortal and make the show crazy like it used to be.”



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