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18th Jun 2018

A former Love Island contestant has leaked what the islanders get up to on a Saturday

They get 24 hours off camera every week.
Love Island contestant leaks what they get up to on a Saturday

The show isn’t on the TV and they don’t stay in the villa.

A former Love Island contestant has explained what goes on while the cameras are away from the villa during the show’s weekly break from our screens.

The show is not aired on Saturday nights, meaning there is an entire 24 hours of interaction between the contestants that we don’t see.

And, according to Chris Williamson, who appeared on the show in 2015, it means a day of rest.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live, he said: “Once a week we were allowed to leave the villa and weren’t filmed so none of the viewers would ever know.

“There was a day every week when footage wasn’t needed, which was liberating as you could talk about anything.”

The last 3 years have been SO kind to me ? Not sure about that beard, or hair, or vest. Good tan tho ? – Just finished up a podcast where I go through exactly what it’s like to be on Love Island. From the pre-show process to living in the villa, how it’s produced, why we don’t ever know the time, whether or not it’s scripted and a lot more questions which I always get asked. – I debated doing it for a long time but after Love Island got added onto Netflix I decided to bite the bullet and the episode has turned out to be fantastic. If you’re a fan of the series you’re going to find out so much you didn’t know about the show just in time for the next season to be released. – And if you’re a fan of me or the podcast then you’ll get to find out how my experience on the show shaped my personal development from then until now. It’s not often that people catapult themselves toward a life of virtue from being on reality TV, but I’m incredibly thankful I did, tune in as we break it all down with company from @propanefitness. – It’s also my first episode fully edited for YouTube! Exciting times indeed, expect it released on your screens very soon ??? #LoveIsland #ModernWisdomPodcast

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The show has been subject to a number of conspiracy theories this year.

Truthers have claimed that Samira gave away that Hayley would leave the villa this week, that Jack and Dani knew each other before tipping up for the show and there’s even been speculation that Australia and the UK’s show would merge.

And, Williamson seems to backup the idea that there’s a hidden hand working behind the scenes to create the on-air #drama.

He added: “There is a person called a villa producer who comes in to capitalise on storylines.

“At the end of the day, ITV2 need an hour of good TV every night so they can’t really wait weeks for people in there to make a move or address certain things.”

To be fair, it is described as ‘constructed reality’.