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24th Aug 2019

First look at Disney Christmas movie where Anna Kendrick plays Santa’s daughter

Cathy Donohue

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is the star of the latest Christmas offering from Disney.

Noelle will be released later this year on new streaming service Disney+ and it’s your typical, feel-good festive film.

Starring Anna as Santa’s daughter, Noelle Kringle, and Bill Hader as her brother, this will be an absolute must for all those who adore warm and fluffy Christmas content.

Noelle is forced to take over the family business, aka the entire Santa operation, when Nick freaks out over the pressure of such a mammoth task.

Although their cousin Gabriel is nominated as a replacement,  Anna knows Nick is right for the job and sets herself a mission to find him and get home in time for Christmas.

So far, so familiar?

If you’re at all cynical forget it, but if you can set your reservations aside for long enough to soak up some festive cheer, it’s sure to make for an enjoyable watch.

Set for release on the new Disney service which will also feature the Lady and the Tramp reboot and all-new Lizzie McGuire series, we have a feeling subscriptions are set for a massive increase.

Although it’s released in November in the US, the streaming service won’t reach Ireland and the UK until next year. The FOMO is already hitting us…