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26th Apr 2017

First Dates’ Sarah had viewers in floods of happy tears last night

This might be the sweetest moment ever aired on First Dates.

Viewers fell in love with Sarah, who was nervous about her date and explained why in an adorably honest way.

Sarah, who’s now 21, had her leg amputated at 16 after a bone cancer diagnosis and she was so conscious about her prosthetic limb, she would hide it under the table when on a date.

However, the First Dates team hit the proverbial jackpot on this occasion because Sarah and her date Phil were perfectly matched.

Rugby player Phil was an absolute gent, telling Sarah how his mother died of breast cancer when he was 17 and left him a list of all the qualities she hoped he would have as an adult.

Anyway, the pair hit it off completely and things got even cuter when Phil asked Sarah if there are things she isn’t able to do anymore.

Her reply was that she missed walking into the sea and he said that someone might have to carry her.

Of course, people watching couldn’t cope at all at this point and that was before they found out the outcome of their date.

It turns out that they’re now an official item and (wait for it) for their most recent date, they went to the beach…where Phil carried Sarah into the sea.

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