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21st Oct 2016

Fans are outraged about a new Willy Wonka prequel

They are not impressed.

Laura Holland

There will only ever be one Willy Wonka – Gene Wilder.

The producer behind the Harry Potter movies, David Heyman, has teamed up with Warner Bros. again to bring to life one of Roald Dahl’s most famous characters, Willy Wonka.

According to Variety, they plan to make a prequel to the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory but mainly centering around the eccentric character at the heart of the story.

It will be a standalone movie focusing on his backstory and his early adventures.

After hearing the news fans of the original movie began to complain about the prospect of a new movie with a lot of them referencing Gene Wilder’s recent death.

Some people are suggesting the studio is trying to “capitalize” on Gene’s death.