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18th Oct 2018

This fake tan disaster has to be one of the best yet (because it’s so bloody relatable)

Girl, we stan.

What a ‘mare.

A fake tan incident is going viral at the moment after it was shared by tan guru and celebrity tan artist, Jules Von Hep.

He was asking fans to get in touch with their biggest fake tan f*ckups and I don’t think he was expecting to receive this.

Sharing the story to his Instagram, Jules re-grammed a woman’s super orange foot and the hilarious story of how it occurred.

According to the woman behind the foot, she was using her sock as a tanning mitt, then put the sock on the next morning going to gym. She continued to do a workout in the sweaty sock and then, later on that evening removed the sock to find her tan had fully seeped from the fabric and into her skin.

I give you, the Cheeto foot.


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Yes, it turns out sweat, heat and friction result in the transfer of tan by the ten-fold.

Many took to the comments section commenting on the woman’s incident. One fan said:

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all day!”

While another wrote:

“What part of her body was she using the sock as a tanning mitt for because that leg is white?”

Gas. We’ve all been there.