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27th Jan 2020

Everyone has the same prediction ahead of tonight’s episode of Love Island

Would you agree?

Denise Curtin

We’re back baby.

Denise Curtin and Cassie Stokes are back on today’s Love Island podcast discussing the catfight of the century between Fudge and Rebecca plus, who we think is about to get the door. 


It’s all kicking OFF.

After the annual complaints that “this year’s Love Island is so tame compared to last year”, the bosses behind the hit TV show decided to crank up the drama for the latest episode and boy, did it serve.

We saw Rebecca and Siânesse go head-to-head over Rebecca’s shock decision to choose Luke T, leaving Siânesse blindsided and left to save her good friend, Nas.

But the fighting didn’t end there, after Rebecca told Siânesse it wasn’t her fault she hasn’t found a man in two weeks, the dig hit the OG Islander hard, causing tears and a classic Love Island storm off.

But the most dramatic part of all came at the end of the episode when Connor and Sophie found out they were at risk of elimination having received the lowest votes.

Laura Whitmore revealed however, that only ONE of them was leaving and it was up to their fellow Islanders to choose.

This in turn kicked off a stream of tweets on Twitter with everyone predicting the exact same thing to happen.

Wait, have we lived through this before?

*cough* Michael *cough* Joanna.

How do you think tonight will play out?

Love Island returns to Virgin Media One tonight at 9pm.