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04th Jan 2019

Emmerdale star hints fan favourite character could die in shocking twist

We would be devastated if this happened.

Keeley Ryan


We would be devastated to see this happen.

Emmerdale’s Michelle Hardwick has hinted that her character, Vanessa Woodfield, could die after she is stabbed in an upcoming storyline.

The drama begins when Vanessa tries to confront a hooded man who she catches pouring petrol around The Woolpack. She tackles him to the ground, but he pulls a knife on her and stabs her.

Her attacker flees the scene, driving away in Vanessa’s car – where baby Johnny is strapped in the back.

Michelle warned that Vanessa is going to be left fighting for her life after the brutal attack, as she teased “nothing lasts forever.”

She told Metro

“I will be gutted [if Vanessa dies] but we are all jobbing actors, it’s 25 years that I’ve been in business this year, so it would be onwards and upwards.

“But you never know. Nothing lasts for ever.”


Charity ends up finding Vanessa, and rushes her to the hospital – although it’s not clear whether she will make it.

Michelle continued:

“What’s awful about this situation is the last time they spoke, they were in the midst of a very heated argument and Vanessa had stormed off and Charity let her and so the last thing Charity said to her was this argument.

“I think there will be a lot of guilt. But I think if she pulls through then I think it would bring them closer, who knows?”