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10th Apr 2019

Emmerdale fans reckon they have figured out who Harriet Finch’s stalker is

Keeley Ryan


Emmerdale fans reckon they have figured out the identity of Harriet Finch’s stalker.

The vicar, played by Katherine Dow Blyton, has been tormented by a mystery individual lately. She’s been attacked by a hooded figure, and been left fearing someone has broken into her home.

On Tuesday, Dawn comforted a jumpy Harriet – who returned to the church, only to discover it had been vandalised.

While Dawn is currently the prime suspect as to who could be the stalker, fans reckon Harriet’s tormentor could be someone else: Dawn’s dad.

But with all the clues pointing towards it being Dawn, Emmerdale fans are divided as to who it could really be.

Some reckon the ITV soap has been planting red herrings, while others felt it was “too obvious” for it to be her.

Things are going to be escalating this week as the culprit goes to great lengths to frighten Harriet.

Bob will begin to point the finger at Dawn after he overhears a conversation in the Woolpack. But after Harriet receives a threatening text message while healing her differences with Dawn, she’s not convinced she is the person threatening her.

Later, when Harriet is out in the village she hears the church bells ringing she goes in to investigate but the heavy door slams behind her…she is locked in and frightened to death.