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08th Dec 2018

EastEnders’ Shane Richie has hinted at a surprising death on Christmas Day

Keeley Ryan

It wouldn’t really be Christmas in soapland without murder, mystery or mayhem.

And EastEnders looks to be really ramping things up this year, as Shane Richie has hinted at a shocking Christmas Day death.

It all begins when Alfie Moon is determined to give his estranged wife, Kat, a Christmas that she will never forget. Which he does – just probably not in the way he was expecting.

The day starts off pretty great, and things seem to almost back on track for the pair. However, when Alfie makes a shocking discovery, it all begins to unravel – and ends with Kat finding out the truth about her husband’s secret love child with Hayley.

But that’s just the beginning of the disaster festive season.

According to Metro, the evening continues to spiral further and further out of control, leading to some violent consequences.

Shane Richie – who plays Alfie Moon – told the publication that “someone’s got blood on their hands” after the Christmas events – and it’s going to lead to a huge cliffhanger.

He said:

“Without giving too much away, this is a tough one to come back from, after you see what happens. Someone’s got blood on their hands is all I’m saying.

‘There is such a big shock on Xmas Day. Obviously I can’t tell you, but even when I read it I went ‘Oh, you can’t do that, you can’t do that, we’ve tipped it over the edge now.’

“It’s just a real, massive cliffhanger on Xmas Day. I will be so intrigued to see the reaction on social media with shock and how everything plays out after that. Only on Christmas Day could this happen.

“Why anyone would want to live in Walford I have no idea. But yeah, Christmas Day is massive and I’ve been privileged enough to see some of it.”

Metro report that the Slater family is torn apart due to the events, possibly forever.

We’ll definitely be tuning in to this.