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29th Dec 2023

EastEnders fans believe there will be a second murder this week

Kat O'Connor

The Christmas Day episode of EastEnders caused quite a stir

EastEnders fans believe another character may be murdered by the end of the week.

The explosive Christmas Day episode saw Keanu being murdered by Linda after he attempted to strangle Sharon.

The Six were left to deal with the aftermath and hid his body in Kathy’s closed-down cafe.

However, Keanu wasn’t the only man that was harmed in the Christmas episode.

During a fight with Nish Panesar, Denise hit him over the head with a wine bottle, leaving him unconscious on the floor of the Queen Vic.

She was trying to protect Suki, but could Denise end up in prison for what she has done?

And what about Linda? Is she set to be locked up for what she did to Keanu?

The Six are sticking together for now, but fans fear another character will be axed this week.

Many believe Rocky Cotton could be killed off in an upcoming episode.

One fan wrote, “I will be JOYOUS if that wretched man finally dies. Make him the spare death.”

“I have a feeling we’ll have Rocky’s exit tomorrow night – Karen & The Taylors left on a Friday and surely Rocky’s exit must be the reason for an extra episode this week,” another wrote.

One agreed, “Either Rocky gonna get set up or he’s the next victim.”

Brian Conley quit the BBC soap in September

Brian Conley, who plays Rocky Cotton, quit the soap in September so this plot would make a lot of sense.

According to The Sun, he reportedly clashed with executives and decided to cut ties with the BBC show.

Brian denied the claims but has confirmed he is leaving the show.

“I made it [the decision to go] for many reasons that decision and it’s tough because they’re such a wonderful crowd in front of the cameras and behind the cameras and I have loved my three years there,” he confirmed.