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12th Oct 2018

Doireann and Marty have some BIG news… and we’re absolutely devastated

Olivia Hayes

Say it ain’t so!

When Doireann Garrihy and Martin Guilfoyle first blasted onto our radio with the Zoo Crew, we thought it couldn’t get any better.

The pair were absolutely hilarious together and had us laughing night after night.

But the pair are now splitting up to go their own way.

Doireann wrote on Instagram: “Well Marto, today’s the day. After a year and a half of having the absolute craic and calling it work, it’s time for a Zoo Crew mic drop.

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“It’s onto the next chapter for the pair of us. We cannot thank each and every listener enough for tuning into the show, whether we had you from day one or we gained your ears along the way!

“The pleasure has been all ours and Marto, I’m going to miss you every day. But we’re both sticking with the SPIN family! I’m working on a brand new show, coming soon. And tune into Martin on Spin Xtra weeknights from 10pm. Tonight’s our final #ZooCrew , we’d love you to join us from 7pm. HUP!!! Xxx”

The news was announced today, with the radio station saying: “Doireann Garrihy and Marty Guilfoyle will move to present their own individual shows elsewhere on the SPIN schedule.

“Doireann is set for a new weekend show while Marty will host his own night time music slot, SPIN Xtra (weeknights from 10pm).”

The Zoo Crew will now be hosted by Laura Bracken and Jaz Keane.

Doireann and Martin’s last show will air this evening.