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18th May 2022

Derry Girls fans in bits following emotional season finale

Spoilers for Derry Girls ahead!

The final episode of Derry Girls aired last night, and it proved to be an emotional one for many.

In the series’ finale, Erin, Clare, Michelle, Orla and James had their hearts set on seeing Fatboy Slim play a Halloween gig in Derry, but after an encounter with some Dubliners in the queue for tickets, it seemed their luck had run out.

However, after concocting a sob story to tell on TV, Michelle managed to come through with VIP tickets for her gang, and they donned some swan-like angel costumes for the evening and got going.

It was also a special night for Clare. After meeting Laurie, another wee lesbian, in the record shop, she was determined to see her again at the gig.

In the scuffle for Laurie, the group came across Mad Stab, the ringleader of the Dublin gang they confronted, and he ended up getting security to remove the Derry Girls from the venue.

All was not lost, because on the way out Laurie happened across Clare, and told her that she was planning on kissing her that night, which she did, much to the elation of Erin, Michelle, Orla and James.

However, back home, Gerry received a sombre phone call which led him to the venue to deliver some heartbreaking news to Clare.

From there, the episode took a turn, and the group travelled to the hospital where they learned that Clare’s dad had suffered an aneurism.

As they waited for their friend in the hospital lobby, Clare came through the doors, and one look was enough to tell them that he had passed away.

What followed was a devastating sequence. The Derry Girls surrounded Clare with their angel wings before we saw them by her side at his funeral.

Fans were, naturally, devastated by the emotional turn the episode took.

An hour long Derry Girls special will air this evening at 9pm on Channel 4.