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07th Oct 2018

David Guetta says he wants to make a record with Adele

Will Lavin

The superstar DJ wants to work with everyone’s favourite songstress.

It may seem like David Guetta has collaborated with everyone on the planet but it turns out that there’s someone on his wish list he hasn’t yet managed to get into the studio with.

Our pals at spoke to the Grammy Award-winning producer recently and after pointing out that there’s surely no one else left for him to work with, he informed us we were wrong.

“I would love to make a record with Adele,” he explained.

“She’s incredible. I love emotional chords and this is what she does and I’m sure we could do something incredible. So yeah, she’s on my dream list.”

Very excited at the prospect of working with Adele, Guetta let out a jubilant “Yes!” following our discussion on the topic.

Could you imagine an Adele and David Guetta collaboration? What an insane record that could be.

In the same interview, during a discussion about Guetta’s One Love album and how next year will be its 10 year anniversary, he revealed that he’s sitting on an unreleased record with KiD CuDi that was recorded during the same session as “Memories”.

“I still have it, it’s good,” Guetta said of the other record. “It’s actually really good. The other one is a performance [record]. It’s crazy because now I’m thinking with everything that’s going on right now in Hip Hop that record is so current right now because it’s really like a punk rock record.”

Remembering how Memories came together, he also broke down how he first met KiD CuDi and how the One Love track was made.

David Guetta’s new album 7 is out now and can be listened to here.