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25th Jul 2016

David Attenborough narrating Pokemon GO is absolutely marvellous

Get Nintendo on the phone right now...

Ben Kenyon

Someone get Nintendo and Niantic Labs on the phone.

The makers of Pokemon GO really need to consider getting David Attenborough on board right now.

The world famous naturalist is the iconic voice of wildlife television. His dulcet tones are synonymous with Serengeti scenes of lions hunting prey with nature at its merciless best.

So while millions of gamers are similarly stalking the streets, parks and fields of planet earth hunting down Pokemon, what could be better than one of Attenborough’s mellifluous monologues to accompany the augmented reality smartphone game?

The team at Lovin Dublin obviously had that very thought and so decided to get the veteran broadcaster to narrate their own Pokemon GO game.

We think you’ll agree, it’s pretty special.