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16th Jun 2017

Corrie star Samia Longchambon criticised for Love Island tweet

Cathy Donohue

It caused a bit of drama online.

Love Island seems to be flavour of the month for reality TV lovers and even Coronation Street actress Samia Longchambon is following the show.

The mother of two tweeted about it last night, specifically referring to contestant Camilla Thurlow but her comment didn’t go down well with everyone.

As viewers know, the girls were competing to go on a date with new arrival Mike and the tasks involved twerking and popping balloons with their bums.

Yes, really.

FYI, we’re not for second saying we agree with the premise of the show but nevertheless, it seems to be a very popular programme at the moment.

Anyway, Samia commented on the aforementioned scenes with the words:

“Erm twerking to win a date with a guy isn’t really β€˜doing it’ for the feminists is it Camilla? @LoveIsland”.

However, her opinion didn’t go down too well on the social media site with many disagreeing with her, pointing out that there isn’t any connection between feminism and twerking.

Samia didn’t shy away from what she said and said that she found it a contradiction that Camilla said she wouldn’t let a man pay the bill (presumably on a date) but she twerked in order to go on a date.

To be fair, we can see why people became offended by the comparison.

She then suggested that it could be seen as objectifying women but that everyone has different opinions on the matter and that she would never tell anyone “what they should and shouldn’t do”.

Main image via Instagram: Samia Longchambon