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01st Feb 2020

Coronation Street fans stunned as Katie McGlynn made a surprise appearance last night

Coronation Street fans were left stunned as Katie McGlynn made a surprise appearance as Sinead Tinker in last night’s episode.

The character passed away in October last year, after a long battle with cervical cancer. However, she made a brief reappearance on Friday as her husband, Daniel Osbourne, had a vision of his late wife – and mistook Bethany Platt for her.

Gary Windass attacked Daniel after Maria Connor caught the measles from his son, Bertie, and lost her baby. As Bethany tended to Daniel, the two of them got caught in a downpour – and they ran inside to get dry, as Daniel looked after Bertie.

He told Bethany to put her clothing in the dryer, giving her one of Sinead’s robes to wear – and then he fell asleep on the sofa. When he woke up to singing, he saw and heard Sinead – and not Bethany, who was actually in the room.

The scenes left fans feeling particularly emotional.

The Sun report that Katie made a brief return to Weatherfield to film the heartbreaking scene.

“We were delighted that Katie returned to the film the scene,” a spokesperson for the soap said. “It gave them extra authenticity and made it a much more powerful scene in the same way that Bhavna did when she returned as Rana for Carla’s psychosis episode.”