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26th Sep 2017

Chris Pratt took the Chris Quiz and his results are all sorts of funny


Orlaith Condon

Who hasn’t gotten the Hollywood Chris’ confused every now and then?

From Hemsworth to Pine, Evans to Pratt, there are too many Chris’ in tinsel town for us to keep track.

Did that sort of rhyme? Apologies, I digress.

Well, another person who sometimes gets confused between the lot is bonafide member of the Chris team, Chris Pratt.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is so confused in fact, that he himself had to take an online quiz to suss out which Chris he was.

Plot twist – he’s not the Chris we think he is.

Captioning the result with, “Dude, I suck at quizzes”, the post was quickly shared by fans and made its way to another Chris.

Responding to the results, the real Chris Evans congratulated the actor saying,

“What do you mean? You aced it.”

The Chrisception on this one is all a little too much.

We think we need the help of Chris Pine and his amazingly informative song entitled I’m Not That Chris to figure this one out.