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15th Dec 2021

Chris Noth has defended Carrie for not calling 911

Sarah McKenna Barry

The actor is defending his on-screen spouse.

*Spoiler alert for episode one of And Just Like That…*

The first episode of the Sex and the City reboot landed last weeks, and fans are still gobsmacked over that shocking ending.

In And Just Like That… Carrie spends the evening watching Charlotte’s daughter’s piano recital, but when she comes home, she finds Mr Big on the ground, suffering a heart attack.

However, instead of immediately grabbing her phone and dialling 911, Carrie looks shell-shocked before cradling Big on the ground. In the voice-over, she tells viewers that her beloved husband has passed away.

Needless to say, fans were devastated, but they were also furious with Carrie. Many felt that if she called an ambulance, he may have stood a better chance.

Since then, Chris Noth, who plays Mr Big on And Just Like That… has come to the defence of his on-screen spouse.

In an interview with Vogue, the actor said: “We knew that we had to have that, that I just shouldn’t die alone in the bathroom.

“There had to be that last moment and no words, no corny dialogue, just a look.”

He continued: “It was very important for both of us to find a way to have that last moment together, not that she walks in and finds me dead in the bathroom.”

The show’s creator, Michael Patrick King, also shed light on the conclusion of episode one of And Just Like That….

He told Entertainment Tonight journalist Lauren Zima that the scene is supposed to be a “split second” for Carrie.

Relaying her interview with King on her Instagram stories, Zima said: “What we’re seeing – Carrie looking at him – time’s frozen. He wanted to play the moment out to have us all feel the pain, but that for Carrie it’s just a second.”

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