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24th Mar 2017

Candy Crush is becoming a TV show and the presenter is perfect

Laura Holland

One of Facebook’s biggest games, Candy Crush, is being turned into a TV show.

That’s right, that annoying game, that was originally made for Facebook and later became an App, is going to be on TV. It’s said to be a live-action game show.

Hollywood Reporter says that the series is going into production in the summer and will be aired on CBS in October. It’s been likened to Wipeout and Fear Factor and will be fronted by none other than Mario Lopez.

Our favourite Saved by the Bell actor will be perfect for the presenting role.

The creator of the show, Matt Kunitz said:

“Mario Lopez is a perfect fit to host Candy Crush. As a big fan of the game and a competitor by nature, his larger-than-life enthusiasm matches the size and scope of our show.”

The show will comprise of two teams competing in different physical and mental challenges on massive interactive game boards in order to conquer Candy Crush.

We’re looking forward to seeing it.