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14th Oct 2021

You can now live in the iconic house from Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Calling all ’90s kids – our dream is coming true!

If you were a kid in the ’90s you were no doubt obsessed with Sabrina The Teenage Witch and her gorgeous Victorian house. Well, now it can be yours… that is if you have a spare 2 million lying around.

The witchy home of Sabrina, Salem, Hilda, and Zelda is located in Freehold, New Jersey – a short distance from the sprawling metropolis of Manhattan and just 15 miles from Long Island.

The building, which is now being listed as an office for commercial use, is going for 1.95 million dollars (roughly 1.68 million euro).

It can also be rented out in two parts if you’re not interested in buying it. The front portion of the house goes for $9,750 (€8,400) per month, while the back end lists for $3,200 (€2,757) per month.

The gorgeous three-story house features a wrap-around front porch and an almost completed attic, as well as a big kitchen and two bathrooms.

The interior of the home looks a little different than it did when the Spellmans resided there – and that’s probably because they never did.

While the front of the building was used to imply it was Sabrina’s house, all interior shots were filmed on a stage elsewhere.

At the time it was used for the show, it was owned by Scott Beskin who ran a law firm from the building. He told Ashbury Park Press that he was approached by a location scout who asked if they could use the exterior of the home for a new TV show.

“I just thought it was flattering that someone liked the looks of my Victorian building as much as I did,” said the 83-year-old, who sold the property three decades ago.

Unfortunately, the house doesn’t come with a talking cat or a closet that transports you to another realm, but it’s still pretty cool.

Any Sabrina fans up for pooling our money together?