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05th Nov 2018

Camila Cabello copied Ariana Grande’s ponytail last night with TERRIBLE results

Orlaith Condon


Ariana Grande is known for quite a few things but most notably it’s her banging tunes and that ponytail.

Yes, it’s become her trademark look with us hardly able to recognise her with her hair down and fans the world over trying to recreate the slicked back look.

Included in that list is fan and friend, Camila Cabello.

The former Fifth Harmony singer walked the pink carpet at last night’s MTV EMA Awards in a stunning red ball gown and a classic ponytail.

And while the singer looked incredible, turns out she didn’t feel so good.

Yep, Camila was actually in a lot of pain and shocked that this is how Ariana chooses to style her hair on the regular.

But it seems like Ariana isn’t immune to the pain either, responding telling Camila that she is in “constant pain” because of it.


Is a hairstyle really worth that?

Although, to be honest, we can’t quite imagine Ari ditching the pony for good.

And it looks like we won’t be seeing Camila rock the ‘do again anytime soon.

By the time the singer made it to the stage to accept her first award, she had taken her hair down.

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘let your hair down’, ay?