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06th Oct 2018

Big Brother’s Cameron Cole comes out as gay in emotional chat with housemate

Keeley Ryan

“The last four years I’ve been waiting to be ready but you’re never really ready…”

Big Brother contestant Cameron Cole came out as gay during an emotional moment in last night’s [Friday, October 5] episode.

The 18-year-old told his housemate, Lewis Flanagan, that he was one of the first people he had ever told. The vlogger had previously told his housemate he had a secret since before entering the Channel 5 series.

Last night, Cameron had been worrying about whether or not he should admit his secret following a conversation he had with Cian, who confessed to having a crush on him earlier in the episode.

The teenager told Lewis that he was feeling on edge – but also frustrated over letting himself feel that way, adding:

“It’s my own fault for not sorting out the situation before I came in.”

Lewis F reassured Cameron that whatever he wanted to admit, he should only do it when he feels comfortable doing so.

The volgger replied:

“The last four years I’ve been waiting to be ready but you’re never really ready… sometimes you gotta say ‘f*ck it’ and just do it.”

Lewis offered to help Cameron in saying the words out loud, before the teenager asked his friend to ask “the question” so it would be “definitive.”

“Are you gay?” Lewis asked, to which Cameron said: “Yes.”

He said that Lewis was one of the first people that he had ever told, and that “now my whole world changes forever.”

Fans took to Twitter to praise the teenager for his bravery, while Big Brother host Emma Willis – as well as the outside audience – celebrated the moment outside the house.

Cameron’s father later appeared on Big Brother spin-off, Bit On The Side – and was quick to offer reassurances.

He said that the family had thought they knew about Cameron’s sexuality, they knew it would be something he would tell them about when he was ready.