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14th Feb 2018

The most awkward moment EVER happened on Celebs Go Dating last night

Orlaith Condon

Car crash TV at its finest.

When it comes to reality TV shows, there are few that we won’t give a chance and right now there is plenty to choose from, including Celebs Go Dating.

Yes, the dating show is back and while it’s never short of seriously entertaining moments, we can gladly say we weren’t put through the torture of watching this live last night.

The show is known for having a few awkward moments thrown in but what went down on last night’s show was above and beyond.

Singer Talia Storm appeared on the show last night to enjoy a date with Cobi, however, all didn’t go to plan when the worst possible person walked into the restaurant they were in – her ex.

Yes, shortly after the initial introductions and the pair had taken their seats, racing driver and Talia’s ex Seb Morris walks in.

Cue shudders from everyone watching at home.


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It wasn’t long before the pair clocked each other and things got hella awkward hella fast.

After discussing it with his date, Seb decided to go over to Talia to ensure there was no awkwardness which obviously just made everything 10 times worse.

We’d recommend watching this through your fingers, you’ll thank us later.

And we weren’t the only ones who found it difficult to watch. Twitter was abuzz with messages of pure shame for the couple and we feel their pain.