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10th Jul 2019

Anton spritzed his breath for the new girl in Love Island and we’re still not right after it


Anna O'Rourke

Where did we get him?

It has to be said – we’ve never had an Islander quite like Anton Danyluk.

The 24-year-old Scot has consistently kept us entertained (and a little weirded out) since he entered the villa on day one.

If he’s not having his arse shaved in honour of his mum’s birthday, skulling cereal whenever the mood takes him or pretending to be Amber in a role-play situation, he’s grooming himself for a new girl right in front of his current girl like he did last night.

Anton hasn’t had the best luck with women in the villa but things have finally begun to look up for him since coupling up with Belle.

The pair have been growing closer, sharing a goat-milking date and even a few kisses – but Anton already looks like he’s about to move on.

His reaction when two new arrivals were announced on last night’s show was to whip out a breath freshening spray and spritz his mouth, like he’s Johnny Bravo and not a gym owner from outside Glasgow.

All this, of course, with Belle sitting next to him.

Needless to say, Twitter went in on him.

Still, the mouth-spraying may have been in vain as it doesn’t look as it doesn’t look like things will go his way tonight.

New girl Francesca chooses Ovie and Curtis for her first dates, leaving Anton in the cold, while new boy Chris picks Belle.

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.