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17th Sep 2021

Anna Daly bids farewell to Ireland AM in touching tribute

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The end of an era.

Anna Daly has officially left Ireland AM and as she makes her exit, she left a touching tribute on her way out.

Taking to Instagram to mark her last time appearing on the Virgin Media morning show, Anna has taken a trip down memory lane with an array of memories from her much loved time there.

With everything from being cuddled up in Christmas blankets with Simon Delaney to star studded events, she said that “when we laughed or cried, it was always genuine.”

Anna wrote: “Well you hardly thought I’d ride off into the sunset and not tip my hat to my @irelandamvmtv family, now did you?


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A post shared by Anna Daly (@annadaly)

“From my early days as a rookie reporter, it was always about the people. People make a job, don’t they?! Mark, Sinead, Aidan & Alan were my first tv family and I got to report from around the globe & meet everyone from heads of State to Kardashians.

“@simondelaneyesq & I would go on to laugh & cry together (sometimes both!) and when one struggled to keep it together during a particularly tough interview, we would instinctively pick up for each other. What I’ll tell you is when we laughed or cried, it was always genuine.

Thinking back over her career on the show, she recalled starting off by standing in for Sinead Desmond, she then headed for Weekend AM with Simon Delaney which was a “daunting and exciting” experience.

Anna added: “When @laurawoodstv & @aidanpowerful joined us for chats we’d go off piste (much to our production teams dismay at times) and you never knew where it might end up. We were only short of a G&T!!


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A post shared by Anna Daly (@annadaly)

“It comes back to the people. I feel so lucky to have worked with some genuinely brilliant, talented presenters, producers, cameras who happen to be great people/ friends.

“Thank you to our loyal viewers for helping us smash every ratings target & for engaging with us. We always felt you there. Thanks to all the crew on & off air.”

Joking at the end of her tribute, she assured fans that nobody really gets up that early, unless they’re Mark Cagney, and revealed that there really is no stylist on set.

She also said she was a big fan of the letters fans sent in, and the biggest celebrities she has interviewed have all been the nicest.

While it’s sad to see Anna go, we can only expect bigger and better things from her.