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23rd Apr 2016

‘Animaniacs’ once slipped an absolutely filthy Prince joke into an episode

This joke would/should have gone over your head as a child


Kids’ cartoons often smuggle innuendo-laden jokes into their scripts that are aimed purely at the adult audience that might be watching too.

Such is the case with this Prince gag in a 1993 episode of the classic TV series Animaniacs, which has resurfaced in the wake of the singer’s death this week.

In the episode entitled Hercule Yakko, a parody of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, the character Yakko instructs Dot to dust a crime scene for prints…


via People of Tumblr.

It plays out as follows:

Yakko: Number one sister, dust for prints…

Dot: I found Prince! [she’s shown carrying Prince)

Yakko: No no no, fingerprints.

[Dot looks at Prince, who smiles suggestively)

Dot: I don’t think so!

You can watch the whole scene below:

The 90s were a stranger time…

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