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25th Jan 2022

Anger as podcast host claims he would leave wife if she “let herself go” after giving birth

Katy Brennan

He is facing serious backlash.

A podcast host has come under fire for saying he would leave his wife is she “let herself go” after childbirth.

The men behind the No Filter Pod – Anthony Casasanta, Nick Casasanta and Jason Girratano – posted the clip to TikTok in order to promote their new YouTube show.

Unsurprisingly, things didn’t exactly go as planned for the trio.

In the clip, Anthony Casasanta can be heard saying:

“If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her, once: ‘If you don’t get your s**t together – I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, to my spouse – if you can’t do that, I’m out.”

@nofilterpod_ Goes for the man too! Stay on point!#mensdating #podcast #foryou #fyp #nofilterpod #nofilterpodcast #youtube #instagram #redpill #goviral ♬ original sound – No Filter Pod

After receiving heavy criticism, the hosts turned off comments for the video – which has received over two million views.

However, many people have reposted the original video and expressed their opinions.

TikTok user @chancejterry said:

“You’re saying: If she lets herself go, if she gains too much weight, if she doesn’t pretty herself up enough for you –  Wake the f**k up, man. No one else is living their life specifically for your wants and needs.”

@chancejterry #stitch with @nofilterpod_ ♬ original sound – Chance Terry

Meanwhile, user @cayleecresta added:

“Who are you to talk about letting yourself go after childbirth? Your wife just pushed a whole ass human out – and you want her to worry about impressing you?!

“If you can’t see the inherent beauty in the woman that created your child then you have no business being a husband or a father.”

The podcast seems to have since carved out a very misogynistic niche for itself with topics such as “girls cheat more than guys” and “don’t chase females, let them chase you”.

While the TikTok video may have went viral, the podcast certainly hasn’t enjoyed the same success, with the boys racking up a whopping 180 subscribers on YouTube. Shocking.