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09th Jun 2022

Andrew deemed a snake as last night’s Love Island gets heated

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’ve finally got some drama.

Three episodes in and the drama is already starting to unfold as beef set off in last night’s Love Island between some of the boys.

Marking the first big and memorable moment from the 2022 season, Wednesday’s episode brought Andrew and Luca to the forefront and caused a little rift in their newfound friendship.

To explain, Andrew and Luca are both interested in getting to know Tasha. She’s currently coupled up with Andrew but also wants to get to know Luca, a love triangle if you will.

On Tuesday, Andrew kissed Tasha in what she felt was out of the blue and she made it clear she was keeping her options open.

Then last night, while Andrew and Tasha were laying in bed, Andrew said something to her that fans immediately branded him a snake for.

Andrew told Tasha that he had been chatting to Luca and told the dancer that Luca had revealed Tasha was not in his “top three” girls.

Clearly sticking with her, Tasha confided in Indiyah and Amber about what had been said, and the two immediately thought he was playing games.

“I think the boys are a little bit of game players,” Tasha said as she came to terms with her new situation.

Agreeing, Amber and Indiyah said they think “Andrew is chatting s**t” and Amber said: “Things are getting messy! Everyone has a top three as well, even I’m like “I need to have one”.”

Clearly annoyed over this, Luca went for a chat with Tasha where she spilled the beans.

Telling Luca what had happened the night before, Tasha said: “He laid it on me [the kiss], I don’t know if he did that because you were sat over there. Last night in bed he said you’d told him your top three and I wasn’t in it.”

“Of course you’re in it… He didn’t say that!? You’re up there don’t worry,” Luca replied, and clearly was shocked that this had been said about him.

Later on in the episode, he was still annoyed and told Paige what had been said: “He’s snaking me. He shifted Tasha last night and said she’s not in my top three. I would never do a guy out to get to a girl. I was raging, I was like WTF.

“There’s no explanation, it’s like “mate you’ve been caught out as a prick”.”

The entirety of fans watching on Twitter immediately branded Andrew a snake, but secretly were happy this happened to give us the drama we needed.

The two ended up speaking it out, with Luca kicking things off by saying: “I was pissed off, if you were my mate outside I’d be fuming. I understand you might feel threatened.”

Immediate, Andrew was on the apology train, saying: “I understand and I’m sorry. I wasn’t even thinking straight, I wasn’t trying, it was an honest mistake. I wouldn’t want to jeopardise their chances, especially my mates.”

The two seemed to patch things up but it seems this won’t be something that Luca will forget about easily, as he said: “A mistake mate is spilling apple juice on my trousers. For Tasha she was upset and you should never f**k with a girl’s emotions.”

Andrew managed to clear things up with Tasha and apologised, and she told him she was hoping to take things slow with him.

We can’t wait to see how this pans out next, especially with two new girls in the villa.