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27th Feb 2016

An Irish Film Made By Women Addresses The Real Dangers in Society Today

Cassie Delaney

The Betrayal is a new Irish short film written, directed and shot by women. It focuses on subjects relevant to women today: domestic abuse, revenge porn and sexual identity issues.

The female-driven short film from is written and directed by Kamila Dydyna, co-directed by Natasha Waugh.

The LGBT thriller touches on themes such as sexual identity, domestic violence, and revenge porn within the story of a marriage break-up.

The lead character Nel’s questioning of her romantic feelings for her best friend Alice seem timely as Ireland slowly unshackles itself from its own prescribed gender norms.

Kamila says about the domestic violence aspect of the film, “I grew up watching my parents’ violent relationship and still know way too many people affected by it. Hearing of homophobic attacks on my own friends – from their religious leaders down to their parents – breaks my heart but also fuels my passion for storytelling. Writing, directing and acting in stories featuring gender-based violence is my way of trying to understand it, and ultimately inspire people to prevent it.

“In The Betrayal, Nel’s first reaction to an act of aggression from her husband is of course shock, but it’s also mixed with paralysing guilt and shame. There’s still such shame involved in telling anyone. It bothers me so much that it’s the victims that are ashamed, not the perpetrator. I wanted to explore all of that and a lot more in the film. Even though in the world of

The Betrayal nothing’s black and white, excusing such violent behaviour, especially as a society with collective responsibility for how men are allowed act towards women, allows gender violence be the norm.”

It was equally important for Kamila to emphasize the all-female crew, a unique feat in any creative industry.

“I was irritated and angry to see the scale of the gender inequality in the media industry that’s been unfolding everywhere – from Hollywood to small indie productions. Having The Betrayal written, directed and shot by women (with fantastic support from men, including our AD Drew Maitland) was my way of tipping the balance women’s way”

The film can be supported HERE.

Check out the preview below.

The Betrayal: Irish LGBT Thriller on Sexual Identity from Kamila Dydyna on Vimeo.