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31st May 2018

Amanda and Alesha DRAGGED by comedian on Britain’s Got Talent last night

Orlaith Condon

Do you need ice for that burn?

Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are no strangers to criticism when it comes to their appearances.

Yes, unfortunately, the BGT judges are constantly being judged by viewers for their looks on the show but this time it was one of the contestants on the show who was giving them a tough time.

Robert White took to the stage last night to perform his set and it included some close-to-the-bone jokes about the judges’ appearances.

“Amanda is obsessed with trying to look young… like she used to,” the comedian sang to a shocked judging panel.

“Your younger years are behind you.”

It was then the turn of Alesha to be grilled and Robert was not pulling punches.

“Gordon is obsessed with swearing at his cooker… Alesha is obsessed with dressing like a hook… no!”

The judges were left gobsmacked by the insults but took it all in good spirits and the comedian was sent straight through to the finals.