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06th Mar 2019

A very familiar face is officially returning to Grey’s Anatomy

Keeley Ryan

Oooh, this is going to be good.

After more than a decade on the air, it’s pretty safe to say that Grey’s Anatomy fans have gotten used to saying farewell to the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial.

But now one of them is on the way back – at least, temporarily.

Abigail Spencer is set to be checking back in to Grey’s Anatomy later this season.

According to E! Newsthe former Suits star will reprise her role as Megan Hunt – Owen’s sister – for one episode this season.

There have been no other details available about why Megan is returning, although we’d imagine it has something to do with the fact that Owen’s having a baby with Teddy. Or the fact that he’s fostering Leo.

Or, well, there’s a whole lot of reasons she could be returning – Grey’s Anatomy fans are just going to have to wait and see.

After the news initially broke on Tuesday, Spencer shared a sneak peek from the Grey’s set on Instagram.

“Red hair. Super care. Megan Hunt is baaaaack,” she captioned the photo.


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Spencer, who took over the role from Bridget Regan, previously appeared as Megan in five episodes back in 2017.

Her character was last seen leaving Seattle for Los Angeles, where she started a new life with her son, Farouk, and her fiancé, Dr. Nathan Riggs.

The news of Megan’s return comes a few weeks after another casting shake-up – with Dr. Derek Shepherd’s fourth sister set to finally appear on-screen


Amy Acker – who has previously starred in Suits, Angel and Person of Interest – will be playing Kathleen (or Kate) Shepherd during an Amelia-centric episode this season.

She’s been mentioned before on the show, but has never actually made an appearance at Grey Sloan Memorial (or in Seattle, really).

Or, at least, not that fans have seen.

Like her siblings, Kathleen – or Kate – is a doctor. Her speciality is in psychiatry.

Derek’s two other sisters – Liz and Nancy – have both made appearances on the show before.

Neve Campbell played Liz during an appearance in season 9, while Embeth Davidtz played Nancy in season 3.

Amelia Shepherd is the only one of his sisters that remains on the show.