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27th Jun 2016

A lot of people missed this mistake in last week’s Game of Thrones episode

How did we not see this?

Laura Holland

Don’t worry – there are no spoilers about the latest episode and season finale of Game of Thrones.

Last week was the ‘Battle of the Bastards‘ episode on Game of Thrones, which saw an epic battle between Jon Snow’s army and Ramsey Bolton’s army over the ownership of Winterfell.

You really couldn’t fault the episode and it was no surprise that it received positive reviews across the board with people praising the main cast for their tremendous performance.

Jon Snow, played by Kit Harrington, received most of the praise, and rightly so. Even co-star Emilia Clarke, who plays Khaleesi, couldn’t resist publicly praising him.

While paying tribute to the actor and others working on the show she said:

“And exhale. It’s episodes like tonight that make me SO GODDAMN PROUD to be a part of BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION! Fact. ??? Harington, Turner, Cunningham, Houton, Hivju, Rheon, Sapochnik, Weiss, Benioff, take your bow.”

But while it was one of the best scenes on the show, and possibly the best on TV in general, a lot of people missed a very obvious mistake.

One eagle-eyed fan, Imgur user , noticed something strange when Jon Snow was jumping on his horse to rush to his brother Rickon’s rescue.

As he leaps onto the back of his trusty steed, his sword can be seen bending in an unusual way.

We know from a previous episode that Jon’s sword is made from Valyrian steel. Now, we’re no experts but we’re fairly sure it shouldn’t bend that way.

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