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30th Nov 2021

82-year-old woman reunited with 35-year-old husband after 9 month Covid separation

They couldn’t be happier.

An 82 year old woman has been finally reunited with her husband after the pair had been separated for nine months due to Covid-19.

Iris has become daytime TV legend after appearing on This Morning when she opened up about her sex life on air in 2020 when she told Phil and Holly about her night of passion with 35 year old husband Mohammed.

“Nobody had been near me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again,” she told the presenters before revealing that the couple got through a whole tub of KY jelly.

Since her revelation, the pair have been forced to spend nine months apart after Mohammed was stuck in Egypt as he awaited a spousal visa so he could move to the UK.

The pair have since been reunited and given the This Morning hosts an update on their relationship, saying: “Yes, our time isn’t restricted, so we don’t need to ration ourselves. [The magic] will never go away, it’ll never be destroyed. Anyone who says to me, “How do you find love?” You don’t look for love, it finds you.”

Opening up about the long wait they endured to see one another, Iris added: “I never thought this would happen. I was living day-to-day.

“We were messaging morning, noon and night and that got boring. I was thinking, ‘when is he going to come over?’”

The pair had a heartwarming reunion at Heathrow airport before moving into Iris’s bungalow together.

As they’re still getting used to living together, Iris added: “He is very very tidy now. He hasn’t dropped anything on the floor.”

With Mohammed adding: “She’s very very fussy.”