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27th Nov 2018

4 reasons why you need to go see Motown the Musical (even if you’re not a musical person)

Olivia Hayes

It was a great night.

I can take or leave a musical. Don’t get me wrong, when the songs are good I will happily sit and watch, however musicals are never my go-to.

But one night of Motown the Musical has changed that. I saw the performance in London’s Westend, and now that it’s coming to the Bord Gáis theatre in Dublin next year, I will definitely go along and see it again.

However, if you were like me and wouldn’t be the one to go see a musical right off the bat, here are four reasons why you need to go see Motown.

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1. The storyline

The storyline centres on how Berry Gordy went from being a heavyweight boxer to owning one of the most influential music labels of all time.

The producer of the musical, Adam Spiegel said: “I think he was the first actor/entertainer tycoon… that’s definitely true but I think what’s important with him is the music and the record label became part of the Civil Rights movement… and suddenly, everyone started listening to the same kinda thing and that was unheard of before.”

It also looks at the relationship between Berry and Diana Ross. “It deals with them meeting, it deals with the falling in love and it deals with them splitting up,” Adam said.

2. The music

I was honestly bopping along in my seat from start to finish. The music is for everyone, no matter how old or young you are.

With songs such as Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, I’ll Be There, Dancing In The Street, Stop! In The Name Of Love, My Girl and I Heard It through the Grapevine – it tells the story behind all the great classics.

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3. The glamour

Oh, the glamour! The outfits are out of this world and if you’re one for fashion, you will appreciate the history of it all.

Speaking of the costs involved Adam outlined that the costumes are one of the most important elements.

“It’s a bit of everything and what you see on stage is quite considerable – it’s amongst one of the biggest musicals in London in terms of the number of people working on it.

Adam continued: “I mean, it’s Motown so the costumes are crucifyingly expensive because these are – they’re not all exact facsimiles of the costumes that the artists originally wore but they’re very beautifully reimagined versions of them to work in their environment.”

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4. A fab night out

If you want a night that is full of history, laughter, music and dancing – then Motown the Musical is the musical for you. You will be dancing along in your seat from beginning to end and the story completely captivates you.

Luckily, Motown The Musical will visit Bord Gais Energy Theatre from February 5 – 23 2018 and it is definitely worth it. You can buy tickets here.