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11th May 2019

10 images which truly capture the importance of Prince William’s 2008 beard



Today, May 11, 2019, should be dedicated to Prince William’s beard as we’re all taking a moment to remember the great beard of Christmas 2008 – just over a decade later.

He looked rugged, he looked charming, he looked like a babe, dare I call a royal? And well, the proof is truly in the pudding and so, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to bring you Prince William and his beard from 10 angles.

Pop on the kettle, grab a biccy, screenshot if it tempts you.

The “pretend I don’t see the camera”

The full frontal

The side giggle

The Insta pose

The “at one with nature”

The “my beard is better than yours Hazza”

The meet and greet with less bearded fans

The moment of realisation that Harry will one day have a better beard

The “get my full outfit and beard” pic

The “caption this” picture because I’m running out of creative juice

And FINALLY – the “we’re all Peter Philips in this pic” pic because William looks fire with a beard

Consider this our gift to you.