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15th Apr 2022

Zara McDermott has just seriously confused fans with a pregnancy announcement

That was a rollercoaster.

Former Love Island star Zara McDermott has left fans utterly confused after she announced that she is expecting her first baby, but was she really?

Posting a snap of a positive pregnancy test on her Instagram story, she wrote: “Our very own Love In The Flesh baby.”

Fans rushed to congratulate her and boyfriend Sam Thompson on their happy news, but it wasn’t long before she revealed that she wasn’t actually pregnant at all.

Hosting the new dating series Love In The Flesh, the announcement was actually for one of the couples who appeared on the show, and she was simply congratulating them.

Taking to her story again, she said: “I am NOT pregnant.

“I just didn’t want to reveal who is pregnant from the show in case anyone hasn’t watched it yet.”

This makes a lot more sense when you see her story of her friends who were sending her confused messages.

One friend messaged her and said: “Omg I was legit about to have a panic attack.”

Another added: “This f***ing panicked me for a mo.”

Discussing her new dating series, the 25 year old revealed to OK! Magazine: “We bring together five couples who have only ever spoken online to Greece to meet for the first time – in the flesh.

“We watch them lock eyes and have their first in-person conversation which is a really magical moment! And then we see if these relationships can survive. It’s a really fun show.

“What I loved the most about the show is the fact that I was able to go into the beach house and check the temperature, check in with the contributors, give a bit of advice and be a shoulder to cry on from time to time.”