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03rd Jun 2014

Who Is Ryan Lewis? – Macklemore’s Musical Other Half Takes To The Street To Ask Fans About Himself And The Result Is Priceless


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis penned and produced one of the biggest tracks of 2013, ‘Same Love’, but if someone asked you to point Ryan Lewis out in crowd would you be able to do it successfully?

We’re huge fans of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Live and one of our favourite segments features celebrities in disguise asking people on the street what they think of said celebrities – it makes for fantastic television.

Fallon decided to do just that with Ryan Lewis and recruited the man himself to take to the streets of New York to ask the question to music lovers, ‘Who is Ryan Lewis’? However unlike previous efforts, Lewis wasn’t even in disguise.

This makes for a fairly entertaining watch. Ryan Lewis, we love you.

Video via YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon