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16th Dec 2019

WATCH: Macaulay Culkin pulls Home Alone prank feat. lots and lots of glitter

Excellent scenes all round.

Macaulay Culkin is a good lad.

He’s done lots of things since his breakthrough role in Home Alone, including starring in My Girl, Richie Rich, and founding his own band called The Pizza Underground.

But despite a varied and impressive career, it’s Home Alone that people will always also associate Macaulay with.

And fair enough, too. It’s a banger of a film.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober seems to think so too, because he’s gone and enlisted Macaulay to help him out with a Home Alone inspired prank.

Might as well get the OG involved, in fairness.

The prank is aimed at people who take it upon themselves to steal gifts off front porches, so you know, whoever get glitter bombed in this scenario probably deserved it.

The package, disguised as a pair of headphones, was placed outside the house in a bid to entice a thief into stealing it.

But it wasn’t just glitter that was rigged to explode out of the parcel – an intense fart smell was also in there.

Just to make it all that bit more harrowing.

Mark admitted in the video that he originally got the idea for the prank after watching Macaulay’s character Kevin go through the same thing in Home Alone. 

He first shared the video last year, but has since re-imagined the prank for a new audience… and so he can get Macaulay involved in the whole thing.

Might as well, like.

This comes after the cast of the Home Alone reboot was announced. 

Archie Yates (Jojo Rabbit), Ellie Kemper (The US Office) and Rob Delaney (Catastrophe, Deadpool 2) will star in the upcoming Disney movie.

The film, although not being released until late next year, has already been the subject of much criticism which many fans suggesting that it won’t be half as good as the original, so why bother?

And even though the cast is extremely decent, they probably have a point yeah.

You can check out the full Home Alone prank video here: