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24th Apr 2023

Wagatha Christie play keeping title despite Vardy’s trademark win

Clodagh McKeon

The show must go on.

Rebekah Vardy recently trademarked the iconic phrase, “Wagatha Christie” months after losing her bitter high profile libel case against Coleen Rooney.

Vardy brought the case to court suing Coleen Rooney after she accused Vardy of leaking private information about her to a British newspaper.

The trial was labelled “Wagatha Christie” due to both women having famous footballer husbands.

According to The Sun, Saphia Maxamed, owner of London Entertainment, confirmed her firm has registered “Wagatha Christie” as a trademark on behalf of Rebekah Vardy.

The phrase was registered for trademark back in August.

Now, the producers of the Wagatha Christie play say they aren’t making any changes to its name despite Vardy’s copyright win.

Vardy V Rooney: The Wagatha Christy Trial is coming to The Gaiety Theatre Dublin this June.

The organisers haven’t heard from her legal team as of yet so plan to keep the title.

Producer, Eleanor Lloyd said: “We didn’t see it coming. After looking into it all in the last couple of days, I can see no reason why I can’t go on without changing the name of the show.”

The trademarked “Wagatha Christie” phrase covers everything from broadcasting to beauty lotions, as well as jewellery, stationery and fashion design.

However, the trademark does not cover certain clothing and household items, that permission was denied.

Trademarking the phrase now means that anyone who wants to use the phrase “Wagatha Christie” commercially must get permission and pay Vardy.

Eleanor said she was worried the story had been forgotten about for good since the trail had ended but feels relieved that people are back talking about it.

She also said she’ll mention Vardy’s copyright story to the play’s script.

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